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InTrends isn't just a trend-tracking application; it's a gateway to understanding the pulse of the digital world. Designed for marketers, journalists, researchers, and the trend-curious, InTrends offers a unique blend of real-time data aggregation and insightful analytics. With our sophisticated AI algorithms, we sift through vast amounts of data across various platforms to bring you the most relevant and emerging trends in any domain. From social media buzz to news highlights, InTrends ensures you're always in the know. Our intuitive interface allows for seamless navigation, making complex data easily understandable. Whether you're strategizing for your next marketing campaign, researching for a journalistic piece, or just curious about the latest happenings, InTrends is your go-to source for staying ahead in an ever-changing landscape.
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Be on Trend First with InTrends Tools
Trends search
Tracks real-time global interests in various categories, providing an instant overview of current topics for both professionals and enthusiasts.
Advanced Analytics
Featuring a Trend Calendar, InTrends allows users to visually trace and analyze trends over time, essential for market strategy and planning​​.
Full Customization
InTrends enables users to create personalized trend categories based on specific keywords or social media platforms, enhancing content relevancy and engagement​​.
AI Powered Tools
InTrends' AI-driven tool facilitates rapid creation of platform-optimized content directly from trending topics, revolutionizing social media marketing and content creation​​.
Trend Search
Instant Trend Search
Utilize our powerful tool to instantly find the most current trends in real time. The system analyzes data from various sources, providing up-to-date topics in categories such as business, technology, finance, and more.
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Trend Analytics
Comprehensive Trend Analytics
Receive detailed analytics and insights on the trends that interest you. Our platform analyzes numerous metrics to give you a complete overview of trend popularity and development dynamics, helping you make informed decisions and predict future changes.
Custom Trends
Personalized Trends
Create and track trends that match your unique interests. Use keywords or select social media pages to set up your own trend categories. The tool automatically aggregates and analyzes information to provide you with the most relevant data.
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AI Powered Tools
AI-Powered Content Creation
Our innovative tools, supported by artificial intelligence, automate the process of content creation and analytics. Generate SEO-optimized articles, social media posts, and other types of content based on the latest trends, reducing the time and effort needed for creation.
Why is InTrends the Best Platform to Find and Analyze Trends?
Extensive Database of Trends
InTrends boasts an extensive archive of trends, serving as a goldmine for historical data analysis. This feature offers users a unique opportunity for retrospective trend analysis. Not only does it provide valuable historical data, but it also opens the door to advanced analytical services.
Advanced Trend Analytics AI
The InTrends Next-Gen Trend Prediction (Beta) feature utilizes the platform's extensive databases and sophisticated algorithms to predict emerging trends. It is an invaluable asset for developing proactive strategies, providing a competitive advantage in dynamic markets and taking digital trend analysis to a whole new level.
InTrends API
Designed for progressive users as well as medium and large companies, the InTrends API integration enables the seamless implementation of trend analysis, predictive analytics, and artificial intelligence-based content creation on websites and other customer resources. This feature allows the full potential and functionality of InTrends to be utilized at the most advanced level.
Smart Trend Filtering
A key feature of InTrends is intelligent trend filtering technology that adapts to user preferences in real time. This technology changes the trends landscape based on user interaction, ensuring high relevance and engagement with content.
InTrends API
InTrends API Integration for Enhanced Business Solutions:

InTrends is not only a platform for trend searching - it is a solid foundation on which to develop innovative applications and services where the relevance of information plays a key role

Specifically designed for medium to large businesses, the InTrends API offers a seamless integration of our advanced trend analysis and predictive analytics directly into your company's digital platforms. With this powerful tool, you can effortlessly embed AI-driven trend-based content creation into your websites and other client resources. This enables your business to access, analyze, and utilize real-time data, ensuring the content is always relevant and resonates with your audience's interests. The InTrends API transforms how businesses interact with market trends, providing a tailored solution that aligns with your specific business needs and enhances your digital presence.

Forecasting Future Trends with InTrends:
The Analytical Revolution
InTrends: Pioneering Predictive Trend Analytics
InTrends introduces an advanced predictive analytics feature poised to revolutionize how brands and analysts forecast and adapt to future trends. Leveraging extensive databases and sophisticated algorithms, this tool offers a critical foresight into market movements, enabling users not only to track current trends but also to anticipate upcoming shifts. This unparalleled advantage is for those aiming to stay ahead of competitors and maximize benefits from evolving trends. Currently, this function is under development and available to a limited number of users.*
How it works
InTrends enhances its predictive analytics by utilizing a specialized trend archive that includes both moderated and custom categories. Our algorithms efficiently organize data for analysis. Every trend is tagged with unique metrics and media parameters. Through comparing historical and current data using ML and LLM techniques, InTrends offers insights into potential future directions of trends. This approach delivers a nuanced analysis, blending past and present data for a forward-looking perspective on trends.
*Please note that this technology is still in development and may not be available to all users at present.
Is InTrends Free to Use?
InTrends is completely free to get started! Our trend analysis platform is available for free, giving you immediate access to basic trend tracking and analytics features. For users who want more in-depth insights and advanced features, we offer premium plans that will further expand your trend analysis capabilities. As the leading online platform for finding and analyzing trends, we are constantly improving our artificial intelligence capabilities. By choosing InTrends, you not only gain access to a powerful trend analysis tool, but you also contribute to the advancement of artificial intelligence in data analytics. This community-driven approach allows us to offer InTrends as a powerful but free basic service with the ability to upgrade for more advanced features.!
Plans built for creators and businesses of all sizes


Free Trial

For individuals who want to try out the most advanced Trend analytics in the world.

Plans feature
  • Full access to all features during the trial period
  • Search for trends by moderating and custom categories
  • Creating custom categories with additional features
  • Generating content using AI algorithms
  • Access to InTrends trends archive


$0 /forever

For users interested in following trends with no additional cost and flexible customization options

Plans feature
  • Limited access to moderating trend categories
  • Export trends to Google Sheets
  • Hashtags Cloud
  • InTrends Blog


$15 $9.90 /month

For individual users and small businesses that need a basic set of features to monitor & analyze trends

Plans feature
  • 50.000 InTrends tokens for advanced features
  • Advanced access to moderating trend categories
  • Targeted search by region
  • Content generation using AI
Most Popular


$29.90 /month

For active users and businesses with a high need for trend analytics that require maximum flexibility

Plans feature
  • 90.000 InTrends tokens for advanced features
  • Create up to 10 custom categories
  • Edit and support up to 2 custom categories
  • Additional tools to customize trend search
  • Support


Custom Price

For medium and large businesses with high integration and personalization requirements

Plans feature
  • Access to API for integration with business processes
  • Personalized reports and additional analytical tools
  • Predictive trend analytics tools
  • Priority support and personalized solutions
Supported Platforms and Applications
InTrends elevates your content strategy by enabling the creation of SEO-optimized content for major social platforms like Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Reddit, and TikTok. Ideal for bloggers, social media managers, and digital marketers seeking to streamline their content pipeline, InTrends simplifies content creation and distribution. With the integration of AI-generated content and the "Content Planner" feature, users can effortlessly compile a comprehensive content plan for the week or beyond. Start harnessing the power of InTrends to produce and schedule engaging content across different platforms, optimizing for audience engagement and adherence to platform algorithms, all from one centralized platform.
Who should use InTrends?
Bloggers and Content Makers
Bloggers and content creators aiming to increase their popularity and actively engage with their audience will find InTrends to be a source of innovative ideas and current trends. With InTrends, you can not only generate trendy ideas on topics of interest but also create SEO-optimized content that precisely meets the expectations and interests of your audience, as well as global trends, thereby increasing the level of engagement and business metrics, and strengthening connections with subscribers.
Marketers and Analysts
For professionals in marketing and analytics, InTrends becomes an indispensable tool for delving into the world of market trends and consumer preferences. Analyzing the dynamics of trends helps to build promotion strategies based on accurate and current data. Processing up-to-date information and flexible search settings for targeted interest-based searches ensure guaranteed improvement in the productivity of advertising and marketing campaigns.
Investors and Financial Analysts
InTrends provides investors and analysts with tools for analyzing economic and financial trends. This enables making well-informed investment decisions, taking into account both actual indicators and media activity around potential investment targets. Analyzing media influence in decision-making plays a crucial role, especially in the rapidly changing world of investments and the evolving cryptocurrency market. Understanding how news and trends affect market sentiments can significantly improve the success of investment strategies, making InTrends an indispensable tool for making balanced decisions.
Small and Medium Businesses
InTrends offers tools for website integration, improving indexing, and increasing traffic for small and medium business owners. This not only helps to increase the visibility of the business online but also optimizes marketing strategies to improve interaction with customers. InTrends is ideal for media and businesses related to content. With our innovative tools, you can easily integrate news updates, run daily or weekly blogs on websites or through email marketing, providing your target audience with the most relevant and important information on topics of interest, enhancing the visibility of your business in a competitive environment.
Web and App Developers
InTrends is not just a platform for searching trends—it is a solid foundation on which to develop innovative applications and services where the relevance of information plays a key role. Developers creating digital solutions can integrate InTrends functionality through APIs to enhance their products. The capabilities for search, analysis, and generation of trends allow for the adaptation and optimization of products according to current trends and user requests, ensuring their relevance and demand.
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