InTrends Pricing


Free Trial

For individuals who want to try out the most advanced Trend analytics in the world.

Plans feature
  • Full access to all features during the trial period
  • Search for trends by moderating and custom categories
  • Creating custom categories with additional features
  • Generating content using AI algorithms
  • Access to InTrends trends archive


$0 /forever

For users interested in following trends with no additional cost and flexible customization options

Plans feature
  • Limited access to moderating trend categories
  • Export trends to Google Sheets
  • Hashtags Cloud
  • InTrends Blog


$15 $9.90 /month

For individual users and small businesses that need a basic set of features to monitor & analyze trends

Plans feature
  • 50.000 InTrends tokens for advanced features
  • Advanced access to moderating trend categories
  • Targeted search by region
  • Content generation using AI
Most Popular


$29.90 /month

For active users and businesses with a high need for trend analytics that require maximum flexibility

Plans feature
  • 90.000 InTrends tokens for advanced features
  • Create up to 10 custom categories
  • Edit and support up to 2 custom categories
  • Additional tools to customize trend search
  • Support


Custom Price

For medium and large businesses with high integration and personalization requirements

Plans feature
  • Access to API for integration with business processes
  • Personalized reports and additional analytical tools
  • Predictive trend analytics tools
  • Priority support and personalized solutions
Compare plans and features
Free Trial
$0 /forever
$9.90 /month
$29.90 /month
Custom Price
Free Trial
$0 /forever
$9.90 /month
$29.90 /month
Custom Price
Trends search: Moderating categories
Choosing a moderating category
Creating custom categories
1 Category
10 Categories
Editing custom categories
Trend Search: custom categories by social media networks
Trend Search: custom categories by keywords
Targeted trend search: moderating categories
Targeted trend search: custom categories by keywords
Selecting one region when creating a category
Selecting one region when creating a category
Selecting multiple regions when creating a category
Number of supported custom categories
Support for 1 category
2 categories by keywords + 2 categories by social media pages
Unlimited number of categories
Trend search limits in custom categories
Trial period limits
Getting new trends every six hours
Getting new trends every hour
Trends Calendar
Number of available tokens
1000 tokens
50,000 tokens
90,000 tokens
Unlimited tokens
Trend generation using AI
Content Planner
Smart trend filtering in custom categories
ADS filters in custom categories by keywords
Generating a weekly trend blog by category
Export trends to Google Sheets
Trend Archive
Trial period limit
3 months
All-time archive
Trending Hashtags Cloud
InTrends Blog
Private manager
API InTrends
Predictive trend analytics functions
Fixed price
Custom price
Clarity and Flexibility for Your Business

Types of subscription plans

At InTrends, we strive to offer you a clear and transparent pricing policy that is combined with the flexibility needed to support a variety of business needs. Our platform offers two main types of pricing plans, each designed to maximize the convenience and efficiency of using the service.

Flexibility and scalability

Regardless of the plan you choose, InTrends gives you flexibility and scalability. You can switch from one plan to another at any time to adapt to changes in your business and analytical needs. Our goal is to provide you with all the tools you need to effectively analyze trends and make informed business decisions.

Monthly subscriptions with a fixed price

These plans are ideal for individuals, small and medium-sized businesses looking for stability and simplicity. With a fixed monthly payment, you have the opportunity to choose the perfect plan for you, to access a wide range of InTrends features, tailored to your specific needs. These plans have been specifically designed by our team to ensure you get the most features at an affordable price, while making it easy to plan your budget, ensuring you never go over your budget.

Enterprise plan with pay-as-you-go pricing

For advanced users, medium to large companies and corporations with evolving analytical needs, we offer the Enterprise plan. This plan allows you to pay for only the resources and data you use, with costing based on tokens spent. You can customize the InTrends API with a wide range of parameters and limits, allowing you to minimize cost without losing out on quality and depth of analytics. This is ideal for users who need deep and granular analytics, including predictive models and customization capabilities. This model helps optimize costs and provides full visibility into your budget.

InTrends features
Cost in InTrends tokens
Average cost in USD
Creating custom categories: by keywords
2,060 InTrends tokens
≈ $0,12
Creating custom categories: by social networks
1,050 InTrends tokens
≈ $0,06
Supporting custom categories: by keywords (Per hour)
2,060 InTrends tokens
≈ $0,12
Supporting custom categories: by social networks (Per hour)
600 InTrends tokens
≈ $0,04
Content generation with AI
Twitter (X)
120 InTrends tokens
≈ $0,007
190 InTrends tokens
≈ $0,01
240 InTrends tokens
≈ $0,01
210 InTrends tokens
≈ $0,01
270 InTrends tokens
≈ $0,02
Tik Tok
250 InTrends tokens
≈ $0,015
Other features
Weekly blog generation (one generation)
720 InTrends tokens
≈ $0,04
Export to Google Sheets
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